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Sequence Scanner 1.0

View, edit, print or export data created by Applied Biosystems Genetic Analysers
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The sequence data generated by Applied Biosystems Genetic Analysers, can be viewed, edited, printed or exported by the Sequence Scanner. The program is capable of giving a graphical presentation to the report which it generates. The viewing of the imported traces from multiple or single run or plate can be in a detailed or a thumbnail format. You can quickly switch between these views with a click. The detailed view has multiple category options like Data Collection, Basecall software information, and many more; which will provide information lists on the concerned trace. You can select an Average Signal Intensity attribute to sort the traces and have a quick and simple data review. Uniform Y scaling can be used to compare the intensity of the signals. You can use the trace quality metrics to sort the data to find any failed traces or ones of low quality. An advantageous feature of this program is its ability to simultaneously show the raw data along with the analysed one. By this you can have the advantage of aligning the trace which is analyzed with the raw data, and also review bases of low quality. According to your skill, you can also edit the bases with this program.

R. Fernandez
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  • Simple to use, with good report generating capabilities


  • Import of certain traces might fail, and will not subsequently import from the failed traces
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